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What We Do

Grazing in a nutshell

Here at Grazing, we’re all about putting smiles on faces with our lip-smackingly delicious food and our above and beyond approach to hassle-free workplace and venue catering.

Our uniquely flexible contract and “pay-as-you-go” models lets YOU choose the food and service options to fit your exact needs.

There’s no cookie cutter approach here at Grazing or fandangled algorithm delivering a new breed of service, just good old fashioned personal service, innovative food and bespoke solutions to fit your business. From full-service staff restaurants, directors’ dining and hospitality catering to regular or ad-hoc breakfast and lunch deliveries via our "pop-up café" concept, prepared off-site at our central kitchens and served at your office or venue – we’ve got catering solutions for sites big and small.

Feeding Awesome Businesses

Here at Grazing HQ, we're on a mission to make people happy at work with our delicious food and personal service.  

Awesome companies need awesome people and awesome people need awesome food, right?! 

Which is why we love working with the most awesome companies in London town, who recognise that teams who eat together are more productive, collaborate more and are generally just a happier group of people, loving their work and your company. 

Whether you and your team eat together for breakfast or lunch once a month, once a week or everday, we've got your back when it comes to keeping your team well fed as often or occassionally as you like. 

So if you need a feed, if you want to be more awesome than ever, if you want to be the office rockstar who organised the best thing to happen to lunchtimes at work since the beginning of time.....give us a call or order online and we'll get feeding your team. 

Cooked At Ours, Served At Yours

Gone are the days of needing a whacking great big kitchen in your office and a team of chefs to feed your team.

Thanks to our purpose built state-of-the-art 5,000 sq ft kitchens in Bermondsey, we can provide restaurant quality food and service in offices anywhere in cental London, without any on-site cooking required.  It's like some sort of magic but, trust us, it really works! 

We've perfected the art (even if we do say so ourselves) of cooking at ours and serving at yours so why not give it a go and see for yourself.  

Pop-Up Staff Dining

No kitchen on-site? No problem! We specialise in off-site production, on-site service for London offices wanting a full-service catering offer, without the hassle of a working kitchen taking up valuable floor space in your building.

We produce beautiful hot and cold food in our state-of-the-art 5000 sq ft production kitchen on the edge of the City and deliver it to your office or venue when you need it. Our team will set up and serve the food for you before clearing up and clearing off! So whether you’re looking for the perfect perk or an end of week treat, we’ve got an awesome array of ever changing menus to delight your team.

Flexible Contract Catering

Got an office or venue full of people to feed?! Then, we’ve probably got a solution to fit!

Pop-up dining, all-day delis & coffee shops, staff restaurants, meeting & hospitality catering, executive dining and innovative events – whatever your workplace or venue catering requirements are, we’ll work with you to create a bespoke catering offer to fit your business needs. And most importantly, we'll not tie you down to a long contract which doesn’t change as your business changes.

We’ve torn up the outdated contract catering rule book and we’re leading the charge with our flexible, on-demand catering service, offering a one-stop-shop for all of your workplace and event catering needs. With our completely flexible pay-as-you go approach, you can turn our services on, up, down or off, to suit your business needs We're about as flexible as a double jointed gymnast, which is why we don't try putting round pegs into square holes and will work with YOU to put together and evolve a catering solution that works for YOUR business.

Bespoke Catering Solutions

Every caterer worth their weight in carrots will tell you their solution are bespoke and tailored to fit their clients’ needs. And they’re not lying, they really will do this (most of the time, anyway). But here at Grazing we seamlessly combine our in-house, drop-off and event catering arms to provide a simple one-stop-shop, catering solution for London workplaces and venues.

From our global HQ, kitchens and innovation center in Bermondsey, our team, we're perfectly positioned to service the catering needs of London offices and venues. Check out the rest of the Grazing family and services at

Team Perks

Let’s face it, we all love a good feed and we can’t think of a better way to create a productive, happy, collaborative workplace than by sitting down together to tuck in to an office feast together, whether once a week or twice a day! Bonuses and gym memberships are all very welcome perks but nothing brings a team together and gets the ideas flowing quite like a good old chinwag over tasty breakfast or lunch. So let us cook up a treat for your team and let the bonding begin.

From a daily lunch service for the entire office to a monthly all-hands breakfasts get-together, we've got your back no matter how often you want to treat your team. And with our unique pay-as-you-go model, there's no need to sign-up to a fixed term catering contract, no need to spend money on an expensive tender process and no need to freak out at the complexities and challenges of keeping your team well fed - we've got the whole lot sorted!

Special Diets

Whether you’re gluten free, dairy free, vegan or vegetarian – we’ve got your back! And not only do we cater for all sorts of dietary requirements, we put the same love, care, creativity and flair into each and every special dietary meal as we do to all of our food. Vegetarians – we salute you!

Amazing Ingredients

With great tasting food at the heart of what we’re all about at Grazing, our starting point for preparing our delicious fresh food is sourcing the very best produce as locally as possible.

Wherever we can (we can't always get great Chorizo without going to Spain or terrific Mozzarella without bringing it in from Italy) we buy locally. This means British meats from quality local butchers, seasonal UK produce, beers brewed up the road from us in Bermondsey, coffee roasted around the corner from us and award-winning British sparkling wines from Surrey.

Here at Grazing, we’re committed to ensuring only great quality ingredients make it into our food and we work hard to source suppliers and producers who share these values. This allows our customers to enjoy great tasting food, in the knowledge that it’s been responsibly sourced and lovingly prepared. This also keeps our food miles to an absolute minimum!

As Green As The Hulk

Here at Grazing, we take our commitment to the planet seriously, which is why we don’t wear sandals, hug trees or waste reams of paper printing long CSR policies to make us look good! Instead we quietly crack on with using 100% green electricity from renewable energy sources, keep our carbon footprint to a minimum by using zero emission cargo bikes instead of vans as much as possible, recycle our used cooking oil into biofuel, source as much of our produce locally as we can and all sorts of other pretty cool and pretty sensible things! To us, it’s just common sense to keep the planet in good shape.


Got an allergy? We’ve got your back. All of our food comes with detailed allergens information and our team are always on-hand either at your site or on the end of the phone to provide more detailed allergens information whenever you need it – just ask a member of our team.

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